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hello visitor visitor count,

this the comment and opinion section of my website, i didnt want to put it into every page so i extracted this into its seperate subdomain so everyone who wants can use this and who doesnt, why should they download useless bloat on every page load ?

enjoy reading and conversing, also, dont forget to be decent and follow the rules :)

source code : git
server source code :

this site might collect a sha256 hash of your IP, heres why, for unban appeals email me at providing me with one of your comment IDs, your IP or a sha256 hash for your IP, i will not unban without a reason why, so dont forget to send in a reason why you should be unbanned too

keep in mind -- anonymous messages or parts of it might get seen by the public, without any or minimal identification




? comment( s ) available on ari-web to read